We are so thankful to have found and received a puppy from Goldendoodle Oasis. We searched for and visited several breeders across Manitoba to find a breeder that fit our needs. Out of the 4 we visited, Goldendoodle Oasis was the obvious choice.

In first contacting Andrea through email, she was prompt, friendly, and thorough with her responses. When we asked if we could come meet the adult dogs, she had absolutely no problem with us coming down. This was quite different from several other breeders who seemed hesitant to introduce us to the adult dogs they bred.

Each time we went to Goldendoodle Oasis, Andrea was more than welcoming. Her facilities were clean and well-kept. We liked that it was a smaller than some of the big breeders because she could interact with the adult dogs and puppies more (this was also evident). What made us most impressed by Andrea was how she interacted with the dogs. She was kind and loving (got down to their level). All of the adult dogs had friendly personalities and good temperaments. It was comforting to know that these could be the parents of our puppy.

As soon as we left the Goldendoodle Oasis, I knew right away it was the right place and immediately sent a deposit. While we waited for our puppy to be born and old enough to take home, Andrea sent updates on the status of the puppies/adults. She would even send weekly videos of the puppies! The videos were always a highlight of my week.

When we finally got to pick our dog, Andrea was so patient. We took an hour and she did not rush us, but was patient and validated that it was a tough decision. Another way that Andrea went above and beyond, was keeping our puppy for an extra week after the rest of the litter had gone home. We were unable to take him home the day of picking him because of work and she was so kind to keep him for an extra 5 days. We were very thankful for this.

You can tell that the puppies have lots of interaction with people (and kids). We love our dog so much. Frankie has a great temperament. He is friendly, loving, quite calm (spurts of high energy), goofy, and sweet. He learns things quite quickly and loves to be around people. Another positive is that Frankie hasn’t been shedding!

I can say with all confidence that Andrea and Goldendoodle Oasis would be an amazing choice to get your puppy. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I know a few others who have gotten puppies from her and they have also had great experiences. We are so thankful to have found such a caring, flexible, and involved breeder. We couldn’t be happier with Frankie.
Katya & Sean




We had a lovely experience working with Goldendoodle Oasis.  We appreciated the prompt updates and communication.  Also, we loved viewing the puppy videos Andrea sent to us to keep us informed of the puppies' progress.  Andrea was helpful in answering our questions and she clearly has a love for dogs.  We are very pleased with our puppy; he has a lovely temperament and we are completely over the moon in love with him.  We wouldn't hesitate recommending Goldendoodle Oasis to anyone looking for a beautiful, loyal and friendly puppy.  

Jonathan and Janice Schmidtke and family


Our sweet boy is growing and so well behaved but also very friendly and curious!! What a beautiful disposition he has. He has stolen our hearts and reinforced to us how amazing this crossbreed really is! You have amazing dogs and we are so grateful it worked out especially since we had just lost our beloved Daisy but Henry or Hank as he's also knows is just as loved! Here are some pics ! He's about 36 pounds now at 7 months.




Hello Andrea and Golden Doodle Oasis.
Our golden doodle, Lewis, just turned 1 year old. We simply adore him. He is very smart and loving. He is easy to train and loves to lick everything.   He has taken the liberty of chewing on some shoes but he does know better; he does it when he feels he'd like more attention.  He has grown to 52 pounds of super-soft, non shedding, very handsome fluff.  We would not hesitate to recommend you and your pups to anyone. Lewis is full of character and we couldn't love him more. 
Tracey and Glen.  


 Hi Andrea
Just wanted to thank you and Golden Doodle Oasis for the wonderful gift of Tucker.  He is almost 8 months old and has the best personality ever!  He is fantastic with all other dogs and people of all ages, loves car rides and walks.  We are grateful for your patience as we already have two older dogs and needed time to find the right fit for our canine family, from allowing us to come at the 5 week mark to bring a blanket for our older dogs to smell and giving us extra time to choose our boy on selection day.  Tucker is sweet, loving, curious  and friendly to all.  There is nothing better then being greeted by Tucker at the door with a gift in his mouth, in true retriever fashion!

Thank You!

Dawn, Mark, Evana and Alexa Popovich