About us


Our Manitoba Goldendoodle Oasis

You may have heard an oasis described as a peaceful escape, a place to thrive. This is oasis of calm in the beauty of nature away from all the noise of the city. We live on a beautiful lush 6.5 acre property with plenty of room to be active and enjoy our surroundings. There’s often squirrels, rabbits, birds, deer roaming about for the dogs to be curious about. My husband, my daughter and I are a very outdoorsy family and our dogs love their good dose of daily exercise.   


Our dogs are a part of our family as much as our 1 daughter and they add so much love and enthusiasm for life. We are so blessed and can't imagine life without them.


They receive my full time care, energy, and dedication as I work at home with my daughter making this my full time venture. My husband is very involved in what we do here even with his normal job he also dedicates lots of time to all of us and helps keep things flowing smoothly.   

The dogs receive optimum nutrition and diet, and are socialized so their temperament and intelligence has a chance to shine through.  I grew up with Golden Retrievers, as many people know they make great companions. They are calm, gentle, friendly, lovable and are amazing with children.  

They have been carefully selected from good bloodlines for their dark red color, temperament, and retrieving drive. Our male moyen red poodle is very intelligent and loyal,  and enjoys daily companionship and cuddles.  


Goldendoodle Puppy Promise:

We stand behind every Golden Doodle puppy to provide an optimum start in the first few weeks of their lives, a health guarantee for genetic health problems, and breeder support. We love finding good homes and temperament matches for our red f1 medium goldendoodle puppies and love updates to see snapshots of the joy and beauty that they bring as they grow up.  

We trust that you will take the commitment of a new dog and family member seriously and contact us when ready. However if a situation arises and you are no longer able care for the new dog we are willing to dedicate our time and resources to find another home suited for the dog. As responsible breeders the puppies we produce are our pride and joy and our goal is to find lifelong permanent loving homes for them.